Use your time to plan and introduce your safety culture.

 Think about how you do business. You plan, dig deep, make sacrifices, set goals. Do the same with your safety expectations. Get your leaders onboard and show your staff that you're serious about safety. The payoff is reduced injuries, increased profits, improved employee retention and bottom line savings.(See OSHA

A formalized safety training program backed by internal checks creates a culture of learning. It also creates expectations and sets standards for daily operations. Use the increase in employee morale to start a safety committee, implement a rewards program or institute monthly safety talks. All of these concepts are important, which is why Verticlimb manages the LMS for you. You've got more important things to do.

Your LMS should enhance your training plan, not control it.

Self-service or 'free' online course providers often talk up the benefits of DIY and free. But they don't talk about the low usage by employees or the headaches of managing an online training system. When those headaches become the focus of your online training experience, the original energy and excitement about introducing a new safety program begins to wane. Rather than worry about a technology and migration plan, why not get started on change management and creating solid backing for your new safety incentive.

Verticlimb manages your LMS so you can focus on working safe.

You could secure your own LMS, buy the courses, hire another person and admin the system yourself, along with a bunch of other things. But why? Verticlimb offers full service LMS management with your training.

  • Onboard planning
  • Add/Term user accounts
  • Course assignment
  • User maintenance
  • Ongoing tech support
  • Reporting assistance
  • Branded LMS header
  • Customized LMS
  • 70+ courses to choose from

LMS ROI: Better to DIY?

When faced with the cost of online training, it may seem cheaper to do it yourself. Small- to medium-sized  businesses are not well positioned with the bigger providers. They are missing volume users discounts and the perks that come with it.

 LMS pricetag at $22K.

"The average first year cost for an LMS was $22,000 to $102,000." (2009 survey, Tagoras) This does not include the cost of courses. It does not consider the cost of hiring an individual to manage the LMS nor does it include support.

Verticlimb courses & LMS

When you buy courses with us, we setup your individual LMS site and create course plans. We manage the LMS. With over 70 online courses to choose from, you can find a learning plan program that fits your business needs.